Getting Started

The Spawn

The spawn location is at x y z, near the Kingdom of Boldel. To enter Boldel, climb the staircase and use the lever to raise the portcullis. Be sure to shut it once inside! The northern side of the stronghold consists of a village and farm. You are welcome to any resources here to start your journey. Please do not let villagers through the gate into the crops!


We are laid back, and here to have fun. It has casually been established that each player is to claim their own land (see here), and build anything they want! Some villages have been claimed (red map markers) while others have not (blue markers).

Several players have created partnerships with others to build large shared projects. You are welcome to do the same, just do not alter anyone's prior work without permission.

Gamemode is Survival/Normal. Ops can use discretion to teleport players to other locations (especially for new players). Just ask in chat.

Getting Around

If you would like to see what others have been building, the Boldel Keep houses a mine cart station underground. There is over A Kilometer of track to ride that will take you around several other projects to the South. The northern territories are lit paths and accessible via foot and well marked with signs.

Above All, feel free to ask for help or advice in chat!